Love You (Munyamunya Sue)

Author: KOBATO Mebaru,Munya Munya Sue,OGURA Muku

Status: Completed   

Genre: Fantasy , Romance , Shounen Ai , Supernatural ,

Update: Aug 12, 2015

Love You (Munyamunya Sue)

Next update: about Aug 19, 2015


The first story is by Ogura Muku sensei, and the latter is by Kobato Mebaru sensei.1. Bear-kun is always laughed at for being so clumsy and useless, despite his large size. So, he has come to hate the fact that he is large. Squirrel-kun finds him crying, and one thing leads to another and Bear-kun ends up helping Squirrel-kun using his large size.2. The eldest brother in the wolf family is actually a fox... a golden fox. He knows he's "different" from all the rest. One day, he falls in the swamp and gets covered in mud... as a result, he is black like his brothers. When the second eldest brother sees this, he begins licking the fox to expose the beautiful fur. Together they discover the pleasure their tails can bring.


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  1. mer3deh94 said at September 1, 2015 10:51 am

    loved it!!

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